What’s the Better Car : SUVs & Pickups Compared

When confused between an SUV and a Pickup, the best way to make an educated choice is to understand what exactly each vehicle type does and doesn’t do best. We’ve decided to help and have made a handy guide to help you choose with key decision triggers in mind.


Best Choice: Large SUV

While it’s a close contest between large SUVs and full-size pickups, large SUVs tend to handle on the road a bit more responsively. Some big vehicles struggle through avoidance-maneuver exercises, which mimic an emergency swerve around an object. The long-wheelbase of a pickup truck contributes to its ungainliness which makes maneuvering one through a tight parking lot harrowing.

Seating & Comfort

Best Choice: Large SUV

If you have a family of six, an SUV is your answer. Though a full-size pickup can be configured to seat six, the middle front seat is always an uncomfortable and much less safe perch. Unlike with mid-size SUVs, third-row seats in vehicles like large SUVs are more comfortable, even for adults.


Tie: Large SUV & Full-sized pickup

Both full-sized pickups and SUVs sit higher off the ground compared to other cars, making it a climb to get up into the cabin. You’re also nearly jumping to get back out, even if your SUV or pickup has running boards. This daily endeavor can wear on owners and be a deal-breaker if you ever have to transport elderly passengers.

Fuel Economy

Best choice: Full-sized pickup

Generally, pickups are slightly more fuel-efficient than SUVs. Truck manufacturers have also invested in fuel-saving engines and transmissions for pickups, making them efficient.

Towing Capacity

Best choice: Full-sized pickup

Towing is also an important consideration for many families. It isn’t just pickups that can tow; SUVs can handle up to 8,000 pounds or more


Best choice: Large SUV

This is a super easy win for large SUVs, which generally receive higher accolades in this category because their suspensions will soak up bumps more than well enough to keep occupants happy. Pickup trucks, however, deliver a much stiffer ride, unless there’s a heavy load in the bed. This rough characteristic is prevalent on country back roads, and the jostling can also make trucks tiresome to passengers on highway drives.