SUV vs Sedans: A Comparative Guide

While both SUVs as well as sedans have become very popular with drivers across the country, you probably have a preference already. However, the best fit for your needs might be more complicated than you think.

Here’s our input on how an SUV or a sedan may fit your needs and budget restrictions. Read on for a comprehensive comparison.

Advantages of SUVs

There are many advantages of SUVs to remember while shopping, as they’re generally becoming more car-like. Here are a few stand-out features

Space: An obvious advantage of an SUV is the amount of space, whether you’re looking to carry a lot of passengers or extra cargo, you’ll always have the square footage necessary. That also means room for passengers to stretch out and relax on longer rides. The cargo capacity is very impressive, even when looking at more compact models.

Capability: SUVs are usually more capable compared to sedans since an all-wheel drive is standard among modern lineups. If you usually drive through severe weather, an SUV might be better equipped to handle those hazardous conditions.

Visibility: When driving an SUV, you can enjoy a higher driving position, which grants you greater visibility.

Advantages of Sedans

Driving sedans rather than an SUV comes with its own advantages you can enjoy. Here are a few stand-out features.

Safety: These cars tend to be safer compared to SUVs, and though SUVs are getting safety features previously restricted to sedans, sedans still have the upper hand with closed trunks. Storing your valuables in the trunk is always safer than storing them in an SUV’s cargo space, due to both visibility and security.

Fuel Economy: Though low gas prices may have put SUVs into the spotlight, sedans still come out the winner in terms of fuel economy, since most sedans come with a four-cylinder, always a more efficient choice than the V-6 or V-8 found on an SUV.

Drivability: Sedans aren’t as top-heavy as SUVs, making them much easier to drive.

Budget: Fuel won’t be the only thing you’ll be saving on when you choose a sedan over an SUV. Sedans usually tend to be more affordable compared to SUVs and if money isn’t that much of an issue, you can always use the savings to get a higher trim level sedan with extra safety features.